Blog Post: Immigration Myth Busting - Part Two

Society holds many untrue myths around immigration and immigrants in general. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has put together some information that challenges these myths. Here is part two outlining the facts.

MYTH: Immigrants rely heavily on social services.

FACTS: Recent studies have shown that immigrants use social safety nets less frequently than Canadian born residents.

MYTH: Immigrants take away jobs from locals.

FACT: Immigrant-owned businesses provide meaningful employment for local residents and quality goods and services in technology, food and accommodations, health care, education, and other areas.

MYTH: Internationally-trained professionals don’t meet Canadian standards.

FACT: Internationally-trained professionals are well-trained and educated, and in regulated professions, are first accredited by Canadian assessment bodies before they can work in their professions.

MYTH: Immigrants are a drain on the system.

FACT: Immigrants contribute to tax revenues required to support social and economic programs, which helps keep the cost of public services from rising.

MYTH: International hiring programs are complicated.

FACT: Assistance is provided for registered employers to recruit and hire internationally-trained workers in all sectors.

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