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The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) was launched as a three-year employer driven immigration program aimed at addressing skills gaps and labour market needs in the four Atlantic Provinces by assisting employers in attracting and retaining skilled immigrants. Candidates can be overseas or living in Canada temporarily.

Newfoundland and Labrador is working closely with the other Atlantic Provinces and the Federal Government to ensure the successful development and delivery of the AIP. The Pilot will facilitate the entry of up to 442 applications allocated to Newfoundland and Labrador.


There are 3 programs you can use to hire someone:


Each program has requirements that you and the candidate must

meet. Before making a job offer, you must be designated by the provincial government of the Atlantic province where the candidate will be working. The designation process is simple and comes at no cost.

Once you make a job offer, you and the candidate will work through several steps. If you and the candidate meet all the requirements, the candidate gets permanent resident status in Canada.

One of the requirements for employers is a commitment to support the newcomer and their family as they integrate into their new life in Atlantic Canada. The Association for New Canadians are able to help you with this process.



Employers who wish to utilize the Atlantic Immigration Pilot must be designated by the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism (OIM) by meeting certain requirements, including a commitment to support the newcomer and their family as they integrate into their new life in Atlantic Canada.

Upon designation, employers can then forward applications from foreign nationals to OIM to be endorsed, entitling the foreign national to apply for a work permit and/or permanent residency.

To be designated, your organization must:

  • be in good standing

  • have been operating in the Atlantic region for at least 2 years

  • work with a settlement service provider organization to help your candidates get settlement services

Things to note:

  • The provinces handle designation.

  • You only have to apply once to be designated by a province. You don’t need to apply for each candidate.

  • You can apply for designation even before you find a candidate.

  • You must be designated in the province where the candidate will be working. If the candidate will be working in several provinces, you must be designated in all those provinces.

  • You can’t hire someone under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot if they won’t be working in an Atlantic province.

  • When you are designated, you’ll receive a Confirmation of Designation from the province.

You can find more detailed information here. If the program sounds right for you, contact us to kickstart the designation process. Our services and AIPP designation are completely free of charge.