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As of January 1st, 2022, The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) has become a permanent program, The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP). This is an employer driven immigration program aimed at addressing skills gaps and labour market needs in the four Atlantic Provinces by assisting employers in attracting and retaining skilled immigrants. Candidates can be overseas or living in Canada temporarily.

Newfoundland and Labrador is working closely with the other Atlantic Provinces and the Federal Government to ensure the successful development and delivery of the AIP. 

Before making a job offer, you must be designated by the provincial government of the Atlantic province where the candidate will be working. The designation process is simple and comes at no cost.

Once you make a job offer, you and the candidate will work through several steps. If you and the candidate meet all the requirements, the candidate may then apply for permanent resident status in Canada. Mandatory immigration onboarding training (an online two hour session offered by the IRCC) is required before you endorse a candidate. 

One of the requirements for employers is a commitment to support the newcomer and their family as they integrate into their new life in Atlantic Canada. The Association for New Canadians are able to help you with this process.



Employers who wish to utilize the Atlantic Immigration Program must be designated by the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism (OIM) by meeting certain requirements, including a commitment to support the newcomer and their family as they integrate into their new life in Atlantic Canada.

Upon designation, employers can then forward applications from foreign nationals to OIM to be endorsed, entitling the foreign national to apply for a work permit and/or permanent residency.

To be designated, your organization must:

  • be in good standing

  • have been operating in the Atlantic region for at least two years

  • work with a settlement service provider organization to help your candidates get settlement services

  • complete intercultural competency training offered by the ANC or FTNL (half day in-person or online session)

Things to note:

  • The provinces handle designation.

  • You only have to apply once to be designated by a province. You don’t need to apply for each candidate.

  • You can apply for designation even before you find a candidate.

  • You must be designated in the province where the candidate will be working. If the candidate will be working in several provinces, you must be designated in all those provinces.

  • You can’t hire someone under the AIP if they won’t be working in an Atlantic province.

  • When you are designated, you’ll receive a Confirmation of Designation from the province.

You can find more detailed information here. If the program sounds right for you, contact us to kickstart the designation process. Our services and AIP designation are completely free of charge. 



To help employers challenged to fill full-time job vacancies and newcomers seeking work, the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills (IPGS) will be job-matching employers with qualified newcomers looking to immigrate permanently to Newfoundland and Labrador.

As an employer, you may register via the Employer Registration Form. You will then be contacted by an official from IPGS to discuss your human resources needs and they will share candidate resumes with you that meet your requirements.

Departmental staff may assist you in setting up interviews with candidates. However, it will be up to you as an employer to select a candidate and extend a job offer. IPGS staff will then assist you in navigating next steps, including immigration-related steps your new employee will need to follow. Please note that all candidates will be assessed for immigration eligibility and their ability to work in Canada prior to their profiles being forwarded to you for consideration.

To view all the details of this program, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.


  • AXIS Career Services Division, Association for New Canadians

    • AXIS Career Services, the employment division of the Association for New Canadians is about working collaboratively to connect industry, professional associations, and community in Newfoundland and Labrador with internationally trained workers. 

    • www.AXIScareers.net is a unique recruitment tool. It serves as a Skills-Matching Database for newcomers looking for work, as well as for local employers looking to match job vacancies with the skills, qualifications and experience of internationally trained workers living in the province. This user-friendly database allows the job seeker to maintain their profile and resume, search and apply for job openings, browse posted job ads, as well as current labour market information. 

    • Employers are able to post job openings, browse resumes, find answers to immigration questions, and access labour market information and services available through AXIS Career Services Division. ​


  • St. John's Board of Trade

    • Information on hiring newcomers, videos of local success stories using the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, and a detailed Newcomers Toolkit which is meant to support employers who are settling new staff into the workplace and their new community by providing connections and resources.


  • Memorial University Internationalization Office

    • Memorial University is committed to internationalization, international co-operation, student mobility and cultural sensitivity. They welcome international visitors and strive to collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, governments, foundations, benefactors, and alumni around the world in order to enrich research and teaching, and to ensure they offer outstanding programs for faculty and students.


  • National Job Bank

    • The National Job Bank offers free Newfoundland and Labrador job postings to employers and searching for job seekers. It includes a wealth of labour market information and job matching features.


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